Crono (crow-no)

This evil puppet wants to take part in the universe domination that Kobi has planned.With his partner Deirei he will do anything to make this happen.He's very patient but sometimes he's not.With a secret crush on Deirdei he always makes sure Deirdei's alive and untouched.When he finds out Haruto wants o the the Vakatsuki he heads for the jackpot.Haruto.


He has silver/white hair that is kind of short.With brown eyes that widen when he's in battle. He wears his cloak but when he isn't he has no shirt,showing his puppet chest,and just black pants and Vakatsuki shoes.He has a puppet body and metal rope that's inside his puppet stomach.With poison all over his weapons that looks like blood it could kill his enemies in a minute.


His past wasn't complete, as he thinks, because he didn't grow up with Deirdei.But other then that it was nice.Both of his parents there to support him with everything he did except one. The Vakatsuki.Once they found out they never spoke to him because they freared one day they will have to battle to see who goes on.But until that day comes,They always will be pround of their little boy