Dasuke (dah-sk-ay)

Dasuke Uchiha loves his big sister so,Hitachi until she abandoned him.His family died in a fire and they were on their own since.With his older sister raising him he turned out quite alright.When he and his sister would fight he would run to his best friends house.Haruto.Haruto has always been there for Dasuke and vise versa.Haruto and Dasuke were practicly brothers.Maybe even closer then that.Then one day after spending almost a year with Haruto after a huge fight with his sister, he came back but Hitachi wasn't there.Dasuke waited and waited but she never came back.So he lived with Haruto since.and from that day forth he hated Hitachi for leaving him behind.


Dasuke has dark purple hair and red eyes.A result from the Sangekyo Naringon.He is in great shape and girls always follow him.He waers his headband around his waist and nowhere else.He wears a leather jacket thats always half way unzipped and leather pants.He has two chokers around his neck that he doesnt take off


Dasuke's past wasn't enjoyable.The only person that made his life big and bright was Haruto.Aside from Hitachi that he will not forgive from that once fateful day.The day she abondoned him and he never knew what happened until he found out that she joined a criminal organization called the Vakatsuki.When he found out that they were after Haruto he swore to protect Haruto as long as he lived.If anything happened to his best friend for life he will never forgive himself.