Haruto (har-roo-toe)

This silly ninja wants to become the greatest ninja that ever walked the earth.And to do that he needs to quit goofing off and get real or his dream will end sooner then he thought.

With the help of his sensei,Sakaki,he sort of getting there.With skipping classes and making the lokage impatient with him he might want to reconsider.He has to keep hidden from the Vakatsuki once he learned they were after him and his incredible power that he lacks to think he'll ever use.He better mature fast because the Vakatsuki is coming for him.


He has medium,blonde,messy hair and deep blue eyes.Pinkish skin and is in good shape.He usually wears his headband across his chest and hardly wears it on his head.


Haruto has had an ok past.With both of his parents at his side and a good friendship with his best friend Dasuke.But what he had trouble with was being an outcast in his village.No one hardly talked to him or played with him.Everytime he came around children his age and asked if he could play to they would just say nothing and walked away.Leaving him standing there alone and watching them leave.But to him that made is life a wonderful thing was Dasuke.They did everything together.They played outside,had boy "sleep overs", train together and they could never be apart. They were unseprable.Until now