Hitachi (Heh-toch-ee)

A 20 year old sister who took care of her baby brother, Dasuke, after the Uchiha fire massacre.She loved her brother very much but sometimes they would get into fights and Dasuke would walk out on her.But one day they had a major fight and Dasuke ran off and never came back.Hitachi noticed that Dasuke didn't come back this time so she left for good.She found out about the organization Vakatsuki and joined.She never told Dasuke that she planned the whole fire thing with their distant cousin,Kobi.


She has long black hair with the Sangekyo Naringon.She has a black and red vest with the Vakatsuki symbols on it.Elbow length black and red gloves that are cut at the hands.Black short shorts with a red belt.And knee high black boots.


The life of a first child was great for Hitachi. Until her mom had another baby and it was a boy.Hitachi grew jealous of this new baby because that's all her parents ever cared about.One night she crepted into her baby brothers room and took out a kunai.Ready to kill this baby once and for all.But somthing shocked her more then this baby himself.Her baby brothers first word as Hitchi was ready to kill him was "Hitawti".After that Hitachi couldn't kill her baby brother.She loved him instead.