Rakuzu (rah-koo-zoo)

Partner of Sidan and very tempered with the annoyance of his partner.He is 88 years old and could care less about money or anything else.But sometimes when it comes to his partner's life he will do anything to keep him alive and kickin.When he gets mad you might want to hide or head for the hills because it will get messy.He may seem like a big, mean monster on the outside.But he's a sweet, generous and kind person if you just give him a chance.


Rakuzu has caramel skin,green eyes with a black color instead of the white.He has many stitches on his body and has a strait line of stitches on the left and right side of his mouth.His hair is shoulder length and dark brown.He usually weres his cloak but at the end of the day he takes off his cloak and chills in his room.He weres a sleeveless shirt,grey pants and the Vakatsuki shoes that all the members wear.


Rakuzu's past wasn't a bright and happy one.With his dad out of the picture and left with his mom which she treated him like a monster.She died at age 40 when he was only 16.Then he went out on his own because he had no other relatives. the ones that lived far away didn't want him because of his apperance.But he found out that there was an evil organization called the Vakatsuki so he joined.And he was assigned to a partner named Sidan.And at that point Rakuzu couldn't feel more at home