Vakatsuki (vah-kot-skee)

An evil organization that captures the gteatest ninja's for universe domination. The leader of the Vakatsuki is Agony. The seven ways of Agony. With enough members and the greatest ninja's, they could rule the universe as they please. The members: Deirdei,Rein, Agony,Sidan,Kakuru,Hitachi,Crono,Reid


Vakatsuki orginated from Kobi Uchiha.A surviver from the Uchiha fire masscacre.Without letting Dasuke finding out but Hitachi kniwing they worked together to start that fire that happened so long ago.Kobi got the idea by knowing that he was now an outcast from his clan and decided to make an organization for those who had the same thing happen to them.His idea was to gather the most powerful ninja's everywhere and wanted the universe to be there's.But the worst enemy they have would be Haruto. With him in the way,there's no way this could happen.